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RGBPlus sequences and new props


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Hello all and Happy Decorating!

In my never ending quest to drive my wife away, I added candy canes, snowflake/spinners and window frames this year.

The snowflakes/spinners are up as are the windows. (Landscapers have one more vist, then I can do the candy canes.)

I have been overly anal in making sure the settings and Nets used are exactly as instructed, dip switches right, correct networks.

Using the RGBPlus sequence set from here, to make my life as easy as possible.

Test them out and nothing.

My Smiling Faces from before are working, so I know the sequences are there.

So the plug and play isn't there and somewhere in the back of my mind I remember having to make tweaks that aren't in the instructions to make the aches and trees work when I added them. (Thank you Bryan) 

I assume I am going to have to do the same here.

Any ideas??


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Note that the LOR Zoom room this evening (in two hours as I type this) is all about using purchasing sequences.


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