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New to RGB lights, Bought two strings to try out. Getting the hang of programming at the bulb level.


A string of 50 bulbs spaced 6" apart is about two feet short on my front gutters. The old strings were custom

length c9 bulbs cut to the length of the gutter.


In order to get custom fit to length, Do I need to cut up one string ? Can I use remaining bulbs from the cut string

to make other custom fit lengths ?


When programming with software, just continue on from 51,52, etc... not to exceed controller pixie length per channel.


Thanks, Joel

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Smart RGB position on the string determines the node. The feed end is node 1 (channels 1,2,3)

So yes you just add more (within the limits of nodes, power). The raw end on the remains of the string become node 1 (if at the feed end) or the next Node if tacked onto the end.

Be careful to make good and insulated connections

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