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Is This a Board Issue?


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On one of my boards controlling my arches I am have a small problem and I try my best to describe it accurately.

8 Channel Arches

On the test console when you turn on Arch Channel 1(Unit 4.2) from 0% to 50% Arch Channels 1(Unit 4.2) and 7(Unit 4.9) are on 100%.

Once the slide bar passes the 50% point and I take it to 100%, Arch Channel 1 will stay at 50% and Arch channel 7 will will go off.

This situation is duplicated but the results are opposite if I do the same thing on Channel 7(Unit 4.9)

And it also seems like the fade on these two channels is backwards meaning if I fade all channels on, 1 and 7 start at 100% and fades down and then up. And when I fade down the start at 50% and go to 100% and then there is a 1 or 2 seconds delay before they go off.

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