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Standalone Download - Excessive Errors Failure - Need Help


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Trying to download a sequence size of 1306bytes fails to download after 4 tries, with an error eluding to excessive errors on download.

I can download a 29byte sequence with out errors.

I have tried several different cables and I tried slowing the baud rate down and all failed to change the results.

LOR1502W - 4.20 firmware
Windows Vista
LightORama Hardware interface - v1.6.6
RS485 Driver: FTDI, 9600, 8bit, no parity, 1stopbit, no flow control

Is there any work arounds for this communication problem?

I am trying to set it up before Thursday for one of the displays at the Lights of Chrismas. I may have to choose a very small sequence for now.

Brandon Donnelson
http://WarmBeach.com Lights of Christmas

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