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LED blinks but no connect on new DIY board

Jon Goering

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I posted this in Hardware forum, but thinks its more appropriate here........

I built a CTB-16 channel deluxe board the other night. Initially the LED didn't work. I checked voltages and all is there. Running a jumper for the LED from both ground pins enabled the LED to light. I ended up finding the problem, the U2 socket was installed correctly, but I put the IC in backwards. Once I changed that, the LED started blinking. But it will not respond to the Hardware Utility. I have an 8 channel (built by LOR) that works with the utility, so I know the utility works and the CAT 5 cable is fine. I used both CAT5 connectors and neither respond. So, I'm wondering did I fry the U2 chip by having it in backwards. What other points can i check for voltages besides whats in the Troubleshooting Guide.

Thanks for any help


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