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String of lights half lit


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Hi all.

I have set up my entire display and so far everything works, except I have 3 small trees that are either half lit and 1 only have 8 pixels on.

Also I have 1 snow flake that does not work at all, I plugged it into a different port that does work and the snow flake worked but that specific port for it doesn't. 

I'm runing sequence that I bought directly from LOR.


Can someone help me or guide me to how to fox this ?


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may need to check those ports for how many pixels are set for. Count mite off for those ports. Open up PE and check each prop for port # and pixels used 

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If you are on version 6 as your profile says., the easiest first thing to do is open your control panel and use the test lights feature. Use it to test each prop individually. Depending on your results you may then have it defined wrong in your preview or you might then need to go to the hardware utility section of the control panel and see if you can talk to your controllers ok.

Let us know what happens and we can help more, if needed.

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