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Standalone sequence wont download


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I need suggestions. My display is all set up and ready to go.
I have 1 DC & 1 AC board. I have been testing all summer with the standalone feature of the DC board with no problems.
I have been using the hardware utility the last 2 nights with no problems manually testing each channel and adjusting flood light s etc..... So, therefore my laptop can initialize my network ok. I can control all lights thru the hardware utility.
But when I attempt to down load my sequence to the board, after 3 attemps I get an error message saying it cant download, and try disconnecting the other boards in the network.
I thought it might be the cat 5 cable, changed it no help.
I tried a different file(a sample chase) that came with the software
I even tried from a different computer.
No luck.
I have not tried to run the sequence with the show scheduler yet.

I am lost . I hope its not the board....any suggestions?

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You don't mention it in your post, so a few questions.

1) Are you intending to run animation only?
2) When downloading, are you connected to a single CTB-16D controller?

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Yes animation only
Yes iam connected to only 1 DC board when downloading
I have done the downloading sevearl times thru the summer testing with no problems.

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that thought crossed my mind, i get an error when i attempt that step.
i dont think there is anything downloaded, because all of my earlier testing was
done witht the option to start when power is applied.

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Problem solved(???). Dont have a clue, but went thru the same process step by step like I have always done, and the download worked.
Same PC, cat 5 cable etc....
I wish I had found some definitive problem.
Thanks to thsoe who responded.

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