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Legacy CCR's-effect only on 1/2 of ribbon

Jeff Kesler

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I have 10 CCR with controller (original firmware 1.05) that have worked normally for years as part of megatree. This year I split up the tree. I'm using 4 CCR vertically like mega pixie strips. I needed them shorter so I cut off 19 segments from the end(3 RGB each with chip, 57 actual LED), cut at the joints as usual. I didn't think that was an issue as I changed the configuration in the preview to 31 exact number of pixels. Odd thing now is when I try to sequence them, everything is happening only on the upper half of each strip. Almost feels like it's compressing the effect into only the upper 1/2. I tried changing pixels back to 50 with no change. Also tried different props, megatree, firestick, single string matrix (vertical, starting at lower left), unconnected line...all set with start point at the bottom. Always with the same result. In hardware utility I can light up each segment manually. Other full length CCR's working as expected. I'm no expert but have been using LOR for years, but I'm stumped.

Sequencer 5.5.16 Pro

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