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Director cutting song short and switching to another song

Saffron Fields

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I have a Mini Director with MP3 Player - Gen4.

It is playing the Santa SD card from LOR.

It plays some songs fully but others it cuts short after only about 20 seconds.  Does this indicate that the SD card has failed?  Or is it some other problem?  Please help.  It is driving me crazy.

Also, if I am cutting the power externally from the Director and the 1st 16-point controller, how is the 2nd 16 point controller (still powered) capable of playing its sequence?







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The director gets its power from the controllers, if one is on it is powered. If you turn on any of the controllers, the director will start up in a daisy chained configuration.


As for the seq issue, I never play it from the SD card that is sent from LOR. That I use as a safe backup. I always transfer those sequences to the LOR directory under a sub that is called say "Santa SD from LOR". Then I use a new SD card and create a show in the order I want using HUB.  SO, you can just create a show with that one seq if you want and see how far it plays. If it plays all the way through on the new SD card, it might be the original card. If it still stops short, there is an issue with the seq.

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