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USB Hub for multiple USB-RS485-HS


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Hi folks

I'm considering moving away from my G3-MP3 director and going to a PC based show. I have an old PC that only has one USB port (an older MS Surface). 

I run 2 x eLOR neworks so need to use 2 x USB-RS485-HS adapters. 

This means I will need a USB hub to split my USP port on the PC.

I just tried the very cheap/free one that I had lying around and it did not work. Any advice for USB hub to support multiple USB-RS485-HS?

Cheers MattJ


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Powered. Look at the power module that comes with it. It should have a minimum of 1/2A  (500ma) per port of the unit.

Your surface is underpowerd (USB wise, as well 😛). I have run 3 adapters (black, Red) on a unpowered hub, connected to mid range (at the time) Laptop.

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Walmart sells some affordable, or Amazon.


I have 3 7 port hubs from walmart, They have been great for 6 years now i guess. You must get a HUB that gets its power from an electrical outlet not a computer. 

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Hi Folks

My powered Hub turned up today and it looks like it's going to work. I need my second USB-RS485-HS adapter to arrive (hopefully this week) to be sure. 

It has left me with a couple of questions:

  1. How many networks can I run this way? What limits the number of networks? The processing power of the laptop/pc?
  2. I'm currently running two nets just fine off a MN2-G3-MP3. When I plug my regular network into a USB-RS485-HS, everything freaks out. My mouse cursor goes nuts. LOR HW Manager will not recognize any units and keeps spewing "serial" errors when it scans the network. My regular network contains a CTB16PC that is providing POE. Could this be causing errors? Anything else sitting on a network that could cause this behavior? (I'm not going to get an opportunity to take controller out and troubleshoot until later this week) 

Thanks again folks!

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