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G4-MP3 timer not working

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If I set the show to start when the controller lasers up or use the hub to put the schedule on the SD card crickets.

If I use the buttons on the controller to set the schedule it works fine. I would really like to be able to program the schedule on the SD cards.

it used to work but just stopped.

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Might want to contact the LOR Help Desk about that.   I had my original N4-G4 go bad on me, LOR repaired it, but unfortunately something happened to it on the way back to me and when I got it back I couldn't set the time on it via SD Card, Computer or anything else.  I could write a show, and it would run as long as I didn't set any time factors, used the run anytime Director was powered, but I couldn't even set the time with any of the buttons either.  I could update firmware, do just about everything else, but the clock had stopped working and so did the start and end time set buttons.  at least your buttons still allow you to set the start and end time, bit if you run multiple shows that rely on several different time settings that setting the start and end time doesn't work out too well.   It sounds like yours may be going the same way min e did.   LOR had to send me a new N4-G4 and I sent the defective one back that we all thought had been repaired.  Well it was, they tested it, it worked at their repair facility, but when I got it back, the time clock on mine was frozen at0:00. funny thing was the buttons would allow me to change the time, but as soon as I was done, reverted back to 00:00 every time.   Odd that yours allows you to set start and end times on the unit and works, but isn't working from the software in doing so on the SD Card.

I'd contact the LOR Help Desk and see if they might be able to figure out why it's not working from the SD Card, but works from the unit itself, as something isn't working correctly for the tines show should operate from the SD Card.

What brand of SD Card are you using, if it's not a Kingston SD Card, some other brands just don't hold up or work correctly in the Directors, if they work at all.


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