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Do you use original CCPs? Need any spare parts?


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If you use the original CCP pixels and controllers, do you need spare parts?

I have retired my three original CCP controllers and 300 old original CCPs (plus some spares).  I have three CCP controllers that have been used for eight years, plus one more bought a few years ago as a spare that has never been used.  As for the Cosmic Color Pixels, I have at least a good portion of all eight strings of 50 CCPs.  A good portion of them work properly when dry, and a couple dozen went stuck on when it rained shortly after setting up my arches a few weeks ago. After they dried out, I'm down to only about a half dozen stuck on.  However, I had planned on rebuilding the arches this year, but never got too it.  After seeing how many pixels did not like getting wet, it forced my hand.  A quick and dirty rebuild happened this weekend and if I have time during December, it will be cleaned up.  If not, next spring...

The controllers are fine.  The pixels should be considered as SPARES ONLY (after testing).  You will not get any fully working strings.  Since I know there are people still using them and they are no longer available,  don't really want to E-Waste the whole pile.

If you have a use for some CCP spare parts, make me an offer...


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