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pixie16 zig zag


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Hi guys crazy ;-), a very quick question that I didn't understand, the pixie16 used in LOR, no DMX, is it possible to make them do the zig zag like the pixcon16 ??? I have free channels on the pixie16 and I wanted to put the 24x50 matrix in it without having to assemble a new pixcon16 board, but it seems the pixie16 doesn't. I wanted, if I do not ask too much, that you give confirmation or with which settings to go impatient. Thank you. Always Pierpaolo happy grandfather from Italy, a hug to all of you crazy like me for Christmas lights. Because of your work even when I could be on vacation. ;-)

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In the meantime, hello, DribbleJr, are you coming ??? you are always very active. In the project that I had already composed, I had done it like this, (as attached file) with S5 / 6. Today I was checking the cards with another pc, where on there is only S4 and I saw that on HU it is not possible to do this, so the question arose. So that's okay as per screenshot ?? Thanks, see you soon ;-)


I attach the link on the drive, which I can't fit the screenshot on the post here.




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