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RGB Spinners/snowflake mounting question


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Looking for ideas to mount the spinners and snowflakes to the house. We have vinyl siding, and want to prevent putting too many holes in the house.

Any pics/ideas would be appreciated.


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On 11/10/2022 at 8:43 PM, Jimehc said:

That worked great, BTW. Just not sure how they would hold up in a stiff wind.

Another question. For my megatee topper, I put CCR's on PVC with a zip tie in a circle to sit on the topper, very similar to the one attached. Might have been a Holdman creation. The zip tie goes through a hole in the pvc, and sits on the hook.

I use rebar to secure them in place, on the gound. But, I have experienced them coming off the top in high winds. Anyone have cool ideas that worked, to stop them coming off? A closed hook system would be better, but I have not seen any.


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