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Tune-up or Replace LOR hardware

Jay Czerwinski

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I have controllers back to 2009 - AC Pro, Residential, RGB boards, CCR I and II, etc.     Over time things happen and they stop working and leave me spending hours trying to solve the issue.   Recently, I have got into the habit of buying used controllers from other people as a backup during a problem moment in a season.  But now I am building a pile of components that either need TLC or should be buried in a landfill.

Question is - Is there a "Tune-Up" option where I get my controllers to a pro (even LOR) for troubleshooting and repair, or is it best just to move on and replace equipment? 

I can imagine sending a PRO AC controller in the mail is a good chunk of change that could have been put towards a new or sale purchase.   I can also imagine someone might like my damaged hardware to repair for themselves.  Not sure.

Eager to hear your experiences and advice.  Thank you in advance for sharing! 

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US Flat Rate box(ed) service used to be reasonable.  In most cases you did not need FAST, so that was fine.  (A CTB16PC fit in their large box, but $30??? )

💡 Strip the item down to what really needs service. Remove cords, outer case (CTB16PC),  or front Metal cover, case and PSU (on DC units, if the PSU checks OK).  BUT ONLY if you feel qualified to put it back later

Use a local TV repair service, Just knowing NO Diagrams are available

Bribe a nearby LOR Forum member 😛

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