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Troubleshooting CTB16PC


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I have some channels that are not working.  I have verified with a circuit tester that my Cat6 cables are working.  I have plugged the non working lights into power and they light up fine.  I have tested my controller and all circuits work during the test.  I'm trying to figure out the next step of troubleshooting.  The programming seems fine.  Thinks got a bit wonky after rain.  Any ideas for where to go next?  If power, Data, and programing check out, what is left?  I may try burning a new SD card and see if that solves everything.  Ideas???

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Are you talking the Same controller has the issue?  IMHO if it works (you can control lights), in HU, the the controller is functional.

Note HU does not use the higher speeds  that a Show can be set to.

If there are no Smart devices. Slow the director port down (56 or 115K) on that network.

Terminate the last controller (120 ohms), 2nd Gen pixies have a jumper. otherwise you need to make a CAT5 stub with 120 ohms across the blue pair


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