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kicks G F I breaker??


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Try a different string of lights in controller #4, Channel 15 and see if it pops the GFCI. If it pops the GFCI then you can be pretty sure that the problem is with either the board or the cord.

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Has anyone come up with an answer to this issue? I FINALLY got my display up and kept having a GFI issue on controller #3. I was able to isolate the issue to channel 16. I have done all the things that Jeff suggested with the same results. As soon as plug in any load to channel 16 the GFI trips.

I ohm'd out the pigtail and didnt find any leaks between any one wire to another. I thought I would exhaust all possibilities before trying to call LOR. These are the PC 16 channel units. All I had to do was connect the pigtails.

Thanks for the help

Merry Christmas,


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