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G4 Director (4 port) LOR and DMX


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I am brand new to DMX.  Have some great shows, but wanted to play with adding DMX.   On two different previews, and on different sequences I get this error.

Warning:  these props are in the sequence file, but are not in the preview file.  They have been moved to archive area where their sequence has been preserved.  

I know the DMX 6 channel device is in the preview as when I add it (no errors), and then open the sequence, it sees the new DMX device and adds it perfectly into the sequence.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I get no other errors, and it seems strange that I am getting the exact same “archive error”, on two different previews linked to two different sequences.

Any ideas from folks smarter than I am?



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It archives the existing prop sequence - because the Prop has a network type.... Copy archived part of sequence to new prop (the new DMX device)...

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