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Lights off on all but one controller


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Well, up late putting on the lights and all was going fine. Had the lights on using the hardware utility. All of a sudden they went off except for number 4. I reset, unplugged, rebooted, unplugged and replugged the cat cables and can't the utility can't find my other six controllers. I ran a test show for neighbors and all worked fine. Was planning on staying up til 2 or 3 am to finish the lights but now nothing. Any ideas? I am using LED's this year. Spend over 4000 dollars on them from Travis and there is some flicker but I can live with that. I did notice one or two strands of lights on during the test show that shouldn't be on. Could that be due to the LED's? This is only my second year with this and these are all new problems.

I am giving up for tonight. Taking tomorrow off from work to finish lights and maybe the utitlity will fix itself. Thanks for any suggestions on what might be the cause.

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fixed the problem this morning. Unplugged and repluged the cat5 cable to the controller inside the mega tree and all are found. Still have erractic channels coming on and off during show though. Not sure what that is all about. After I am done with the lights I will reset all controllers and run show. If it is the LED's that will have to wait til next year since I am not changing 7 monts worth of sequencing.

Not sure why you have to replug those cat5 cables when nothing changes and they are not moved.

By the way, all runs are short 25 ft or less.

Back to lights and thanks for the response

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