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So ive been working on getting my new Rotating head DMx light to work.  had issues so I stepped back and went into Xlights to see if I could control them another software.  after lots of set up and playing with the different channels I was able to sequence and control the light.  Now I brought that information back to LOR with 0 results.  I still can not control the light in the sequencer.  

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Since it worked under that other software, I assume the hardware setup is OK.  A couple questions:

In LOR, do you have the correct IP for the Pixlite set in Network Preferences?

If you are trying to control from a sequence, do you have the correct universe and channel settings for the light in the preview being used?

If you are trying to control from a sequence in the Sequencer, do you have "Control Lights" enabled for the DMX universes?

If you are trying to control from the Pixel console in the Hardware Utility, are you selecting the correct universe and channels?

Do you have the LOR Control Panel running (which starts the Comm Listener)?

Does the Pixlite user interface show packets for the correct universe?

That's enough for now...


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yes to all those.  I have been using LOR since 2013 so I am very familiar with the networking and set up of LOR.  that is why i am asking what im missing on the DMX lights.  I am running over 10000 pixels in my show with 5 controllers.  so all my network is good to go.  I can kinda control the light with the hardware utility but not like it should.  There is nothing out of the sequencer.  

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I just want to wrap this topic.  We got it working thanks to the amazing Support at LOR. 

Thank you Matt Brown for your support and patience. 

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