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What is the best way to create Smart RGB Icicle Lights?

Eddie Hanebuth

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I am moving to RGB.  I want smart RGB Icicle Lights for my four dormers and the front roof line.  I have see this on several houses via YouTube but am have a hard time finding a solution on line.  Ideas?

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A number of vendors Sell smart icicles.  Depends on what you want for width (Horizontal), Spacing and nodes per drop (some vary)

HC is just one .

IMHO don't try and run all those places from a single BIG Pixie. Smart strings do not like long cables. I try and stay under 15' so I don't need to power inject (12V)

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1 hour ago, Eddie Hanebuth said:

What ones do you use?  Also who is HC?


I don't use them . I just remember cool stuff when I window shop

Holiday Coro (HC)

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1 hour ago, k6ccc said:

I Would take Wired Watts over Holiday Coro for pixels any day.


They are all a crap shoot this year, I will stick with LOR until things get back to normal and chips are back in abundancy. LOR has the bet warranty.


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