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I plan to upgrade to pixels next year and want to know which pixels are best for a roof line? Ribbon, square, bullets or bulbs ? 


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That mostly depends on how you will mount them.  Personally I would avoid ribbons because ribbons are so much harder to repair when (not if) a pixel fails.  Also, in my opinion, a solid line of light on the roofline does not look Christmas to me - it looks like a nightclub or casino.  I MUCH prefer some form of bulbs.  For years, I used the old GE Color Effects bulbs which are a little smaller than a C9 bulb.  I have them spaced about 10 inches apart.  I have replaced those with bulbs that look about like the bottom ones in your graphic.  They are a little smaller than the GECE, but a little larger than a C7 bulb.


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