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How to mount replacement uMP3g4 with FM Transmitter


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I had purchased the uMP3g3 director with FM Transmitter in an enclosure from LOR at least 5 years ago. The director died, and I purchased a uMP3g4 director to replace it. All works (happy dance) and I can't figure out how the old unit was mounted.  I pulled the cover and there are no screws, nor are there screws from the back of the enclosure.  I don't want to break the old one (even though it's dead).  I am thinking it's a big double sided tape job.  Interestingly the new director is reversed in terms of the case (top has an indent where I could put double sided tape, bottom has cover with screws)

I've been looking for manuals/etc. No dice yet. 

Any clues/suggestions?


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