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N2G4 director testing DMX


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Ok I have 4 DMX props which I used in my old show on S4. I created a preview for so I could write a test seq to verify all is ok before I put them in my show running S5 and the director. At this point my show is runnig flawless. The sequence runs ok in preview.

1.create SD card.

2. Select my seq

3.create sd card advanced

4. Using single MP3 director and select # of ports as 2(nothing but LOR/power connected to port 1)

5. Next screen shows port 1 and 2 as U1. And it does not let me change anything. IS THIS BECAUSE I AM ONLY RUNNING A DMX SEQ AS THE SHOW?

6. Create sd card to play when power is applied to director. Program a start time.

DMX lights play the sequence no issues, then when the seq loops backand plays again, my rgb floods which are dumb and not DMX start playing along with my DMX lights.

If I select 1 as the # of ports when creating SD it defaults to port #1(cant change it).  Nothing changes when I use the create simple SD card either.

My props show up 2 times in the seq. Once in the group, and each one seperately.



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Just saw this during testing. My DC controller"s first 12 channels 1-12 are memicking my DMX channels 1-12. 


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This response assumes you run your DC controller on the Regular Network and the DMX on an Aux network.  

My theory is that since the Hub is indicating that Universe 1 is on both ports, that would indicate that the Hub cannot find anything in the sequence on the Regular Network to assign to Port 1 of the Director.  It then duplicates U1 to both ports.

Check in the S5 Preview that the prop that uses the DC controller is assigned to the Regular Network. 

Your profile indicates you are using 5.5.16.  Since you appear to be taking S5 for a "test drive" I would suggest upgrading to 5.6.8.  The issue could be a bug that has been addressed since 5.5.16


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Yes DC controller on regular network. DMX on raw.

That makes sense about the port assignments. That's what I was thinking.  I M only running a 30 sec DMX seq for testing my DMX lights.

The controller for the DC props is assigned to the regular net.

I could add a prop to my DMX that uses the regular network

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This was from the help desk

12/09/21 1:22 PM Dan Baldwin (Weird-Stuff)
The director is free to use unassigned ports as it feels.. So it may decide to clone the data being sent on
one port to an un-assigned port. When it makes the decision can be at the beginning of a show or later on
when it realizes the port is not used at all.. To make this a valid test, you should add a prop on the regular
network to the test. Something simple that just blinks on and off a couple times. Then you will have both a
regular network and a dmx universe in the sequence which is what is expected.


I performed this test as suggested and it worked perfect.

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