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Adding a 4th controller (used) and have an issue


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Picked up a 4th controller, and I’m running into an issue that it won’t lock in when daisy chained from the other 3. It’s a Basic 16 channel controller I picked up on eBay. When I connect directly to the computer, it tests fine. When I try to run off the others, the light just keeps blinking inside

One thing I have noticed is the light inside the new to me controller is red, the other three I have are green. I don’t know if that matters or is a sign of something that would keep them from being compatible. 

Cat5 cables all appear to be fine, though I just bought some new cable to make sure. Any generic  suggestions to try are appreciated before I dig in!  Thanks!

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The red status LED indicates that it is an older controller (not Gen 3).  That means it wont operate on an Enhanced LOR network, nor at 500K speed.

Steady blinking light usually indicates a network problem.  Visually check the RJ-45 jacks on the new (old) controller.  Make sure there are not pins crossed over.  Make the same check on the controller that is on the other end of the cable that the new (old) controller is plugged into.  As a test, plug the new (old) controller into the middle of the network string and see what the results are.


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I suspect you have enabled Enhanced mode (You have Pro, so that is possible). IMHO it is not needed on a pure AC/dumb RGB network (until you almost Max out the number of devices. 115K should be fine)

Open the Network Preferences Utility (NP on windows start)  

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