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Pixel Port Not working


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Hi, I have the pixelcon in test mode - all strings (CCR Tree) light except #4 - I checked and replace the fuse and they were ok. I changed the LED strand to another port and works - seems like the port 4 itself is faulty but not sure what would cause it since fuse is good - maby a bad chip? Any ideas would be appreciated.





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1 hour ago, saaxxx said:

I have the pixelcon

First of all, you do not have a pixelcon - there is no such device.  I would assume that you either meant a Pixcon 16 or a Pixie of some variety.  What do you have?  Knowing what device makes it far easier to assist.


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Yes sorry pixcon 16 - I actually replaced the on board chips and it fixed the problem - it must have shorting it - weird since only one port was the issue - usually 1-8 or 9-16 would all go out.


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