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Odd Voltage readings from LOR1602W units


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I'm trying to trigger a Definite Purpose Contactor via one of my channels on a 16 unit controller. Turning the channel on, triggers the Definite Purpose Contactor correctly but when I turn off the channel, the Definite Purpose Contactor never turns off.

I started to measure voltage on the LOR1602W unit and found it to not be 120v when on (it was about 88 volts) and to remain at ~16 volts when off. The fact that it is still putting out 16 volts when "off" is why the Definite Purpose Contactor is not powering down.

I tested another LOR1602W and found it to do the same thing.

Any ideas why the LOR1602W doesn't output 120v per channel when on 100% and why is doesn't output 0v when off?

Unless I can resolve this, my plan to control my "snow" machine is in big trouble.


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Guest wbottomley

The triac's react better to a resistive load (light bulb) better than an inductive load (contact, relay, motor).

Sometimes placing that night light on a channel, helps things work better.

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