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Lor800w not working with DMX


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Have a DMX issue with my LOR800W. Cant get my DMX software to connect with it, just get the red flashing LED. The LOR800W has the CTB08D V4 board with firmware 4.30. I have the Unit ID set to 01. I know my dmx/usb Enttec to dmx/rj45 adapters work, they connect just fine to my CMB24D board. I even tried running the DMX signal through the CMB24D then to the LOR800W. Any ideas? Thanks

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Can you confirm that the 800W will work when driven by a LOR signal.  That will confirm that the RS-485 chip did not fail or a connector problem.

2nd, remember that most DMX devices use a different pinout than most LOR devices.  You CMD24D has jumpers to determine which wiring standard to use - I don't believe that the 800W does.  So you would need to make sure the wiring is correct.

Most DMX devices use pins 1 & 2 whereas LOR uses pins 4 & 5 on the RJ45 connector.


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