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Hello I have a pixie 4Cosmic colour for arch setup and In the pixel editor What is the carry over start and end circuit mean its either my lights only light up the 1st 3 pixels or if I set the max circuit to 300 all of port one will light up plus it carries over to port 2 so what's the proper setting so I can only get the 1 ribbon strip to light up.  They are 300 led 5 meter lights any suggestions 


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How are you attempting to set the lights up?

The pixie does not work as DMX e1.31

I do not use PE however you only put 100 pixels if your string has 100 pixel nodes, not 300 (100 x 3 RGB)

If you happen to have a string of 300 nodes you will not light more than 170 with a pixie controller.

What is the pixie 4 starting unit ID?

Do you have other controllers and if so what are there unit IDs?


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