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Superstar rgb star

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I am working on a Superstar Star using 4 50 count bullet pixels. Per instructions,  star 1 is 20 pixels, star 2 is 30 pixels, star 3 is 40 pixels, star 4 is 50 pixels, and star 5 is 60 pixels. Using Pixel Editor, I have no problem assigning pixels to stars 1, 2,  and 3. The problem I have is splitting the last 2 stars over 2 ports and assigning channels. Star 1 and 2 are all 50 from string 1. Star 3 uses the first 40 off string 2. I  am having trouble getting them right for 3, 4, and 5.

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I never used Pixel Editor in S4, but assuming it's similar to the Preview Editor in S5 (as I recall, it is), I should be able to provide some insight.

First of all, based on the star sizes, and using 50 pixel strings, I would build it like this:

  String 1 = star 1 (20 pixels) and star 2 (30 pixels) - as apparently you did.

  String 2 = star 4 (50 pixels).

  String 3 = star 3 (40 pixels) and the first 10 pixels of star 5.

  String 4 = the remaining 50 pixels of star 5.

The reason for what appears to be the abnormal order is that it makes easier to split star 5 between two strings, and you don't have to split star 4 or string 2.  Then map it that way in the channel assignments in PE.  Star 5 will start on pixel 41 of string 3 and continue on with pixel 1 of string 4.

Assuming the design layout is similar to Preview Editor in S5, you will need to select the "Enter a channel on every row" in the channel assignments section.


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