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Hey Guys,

Ok so the units haven't arrived yet but, I'm told this week by the City's Engineering Department. I'm so excited and the hardware isnt' even mine. However, I'm the guy doing the sequencing and helping.

Anyways, I just want to confirm that I've got the right understanding of the addressing of these boards.

The picture is from the LOR Website and as I understand it the Dial on the left is the first digit and the dial on the right is the second digit. Just like it says on the website. So 0 first dial 1 second dial is "01" and so on.
So if the the first dial is set to 1 and the second dial is set to 0 then does that mean it's "10" or does that mean it's "16"?

Just want to make sure I've got it right when it comes to setting the units up in the S2 Software.

Attached files 161288=9343-dipswitches.jpg

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When the dials on the Deluxe board are set to "1" "0" that is decimal 16. The dials are hexdecimal. Keep in mind that the hardware utility uses decimal in the max units field. So if you have a board defined as "1" "0" make sure in the hardware utility that you have it set above "17" in order to find the board. If you make the mistake and set the max units to "10" then you will never see the board.


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