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Lights are Flickering when No Show is Running


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I have awoke on 2 occassions this week to my lights flickering randomly on multiple controllers. The first night at 2:00 am I just unplugged and killed the power to the first controller that connects to the computer/ I plugged back in the next afternoon and the flickering had stopped. However, again last night it started. This time I left the controller plugged in and disconnected the data feed to the controller. Again the flickering stopped. This is only happening to my units on the LOR network. The PixCon on the E1.31 is not flickering and suffering the same problem. I will again plug back in this evening when I get home from work to see what it is doing. 


Has anyone experienced the same problem, and can you point me in a direction to narrow down my culprit to resolve. I've never had this issue until this year. The only new addition to my show is a Pixie 4. 

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I had this happen with a poor (cr*p) Quality CAT5.

Also, do not run your CAT5 tight against your power cords for more than a couple feet

And Terminate the last controller for better noise immunity (Gen 2 Pixies have a jumper to do this so you do not need to build one)

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