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I recently added 5 CBB 100D RGB controllers which control 2 strands of Cosmic Color Bulbs per controller.  I can get all  the lights to light up on each controller which tells me I have probably configured the hardware correctly.  The issue I am having is that the lights are doing very random things.  I am using superstar to program these using Visualizer mode.  Brian Bruderer helped me create the Visualizer template so I assume that part of the puzzle is correct.  I figure I must be missing something when I either import the SS sequence into the Sequence editor, or when I copy The SUP file into the LMS file, or when I create the show.  When I program in Visualizer mode everything appears to work fine.1644987174_LORHArdware.thumb.jpg.ded3bc4353a7ff2c920fc83614787767.jpg1142152894_Sequenceeditorimportedfile.thumb.png.4f3ed5094c3e5f277607a115efc63360.png


Does anyone have any ideas.  I've done the copy and paste with my arches before using a pixcon 16 and have not had this issue. 

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I figured this out after lots of head scratching.  When I was adding the device into the channel lineup I missed clicking on the show advanced options box.  Once I clicked on this it opened up some options that let me configure the controller correctly in dual normal mode.

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