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Will these work on an enhanced highspeed network?


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Will these you build it AC controller kits work on a LOR enhanced high speed network?  Have a pixie 4 on the line so I have to have the enhanced high speed.  I know the Gen 3's will, have  a batch of them, but looking to add to the display and the kits are a bit cheaper.  I did go look on the LOR website at the Manual for it but it does not state one way or the other.


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7 minutes ago, bdwillie said:

Thanks Mr. P!  I did not see that web page when I looked for the manuals!  

You are not blind. That is more of a Purchase guide, which is probably why it is not with manuals. I bookmarked that (and a few others) so I would not have to drill down multiple times to find theses again..

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