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Hardware utility not finding controller


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I've scanned the forum and believe I've tried all of the suggestions, but there's something I'm missing because I still can't locate my controller(LOR1602W). This is one of four that I used last year. This is what I've done so far:

1. Hooked up ELLs and controller 1. Leds blinking on all.

2. checked com, then tried to find controller with 0 found as result; tried several more times.

3. Did the manual reset ie. turning off, set id to 0 etc... still couldn't find.

4. Tried 2 other cat5 cables...still couldn't find

5. got another controller and went through 1-4.

Transmitter ell has 2nd led lit and receiver has 1st led lit. both boxes had the led light flashing. I haven't tried the other 2 controllers yet as I'm sure there's some operator error somewhere. I also rebooted my computer, that was prob step 4.55 Thanks for your help.

ps. I know i didn't do step 3 on the second controller. I'm getting ready to do that now, but my hubby is tired of me trying stuff and wants me to ask the pros

Thanks Again. Arlinda

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Start simple!

What version of the HWU are you using?

What controller models?

Can you communicate with one controller connected via cable to the 485 adapter to the computer? If this works then add a second controller. Are you sure the comm port is defined correctly? Has the computer setup changed since last year? Maybe you had to reload and forgot like the driver for the usb485B adapter.

just throwing things out to help you think. Start small and then build. Once your sure that controllers can talk to the computer then substitute un tested controllers in the network to confirm you can find them. Also substitute cables along the way. This will help you locate potentially bad items.


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I think you've hit the nail on the head!!! Support says my rf window should say "ver=n.m" mine says "yyyyyyyu" I almost feel like its asking "'why 'r' you' trying to do this again???!!!" :D

Not finished testing yet, but I'm not frustrated anymore and my husband isn't doing the heavy sighing anymore since I'm not grumbling under my breath. You've been wonderful. You've really eased my stress, I have new things to try and look at to get it working. I'll let you know how it works.

Thanks for your assistance and I'll let you know the results

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