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LOR S5 on Falcon F48


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Hoping for some Falcon help. Have an F48 that controls eves and yard outlines. On testing all works perfectly. On sequence I get the following:

one with 100 the first 50 work on sequence and the last 50 do not. This diff. receiver also feeds another 50 on a 2nd port that are fine.

On the 125 none work during sequence. On this diff. receiver another port of 50 works fine.

Slider is set to 533/268/223.

I had port two (5-8) on the F48 go bad by user error so had to go to bank two for a few ports.

Bank 1 has 496 pixels on it
Bank 2 has 129
Bank 3 has 16

I put 1 pixel on the ports not in use.

Seems software/config related since on test mode all lights work. Another weird anomaly was universe 13 wouldn’t work so I had to change the universe on that port and was good. Wonder if this is similar.

Any thoughts?

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As far as LOR is concerned, a Falcon F48 is just another E1.31 controller - nothing special.

Are you using Unicast or Multicast (in Network Preferences), and are there other E1.31 devices in use?

I would agree that this is almost certainly a config issue.  Most likely a difference in settings between your S5 Preview and the settings on the F48 - something or several somethings don't match.  I would start with a careful look to make sure that universes match, and if Unicast (preferred) that the destination IP addresses are correct.

I looked at your similar post on the Falcon forum.  It looks like you posted the same screen capture twice.  It would appear that the right half of the capture is the string outputs page on the F48, and I'm not really sure what I am looking at on the left side of the capture.  Is that a tiny excerpt from the string summary page of the Preview?  That in itself does not tell us much.

I've never used a F48, but I do have three falcon controllers currently in use in my show, so at least somewhat familiar with their config.  I would be able to remote into your computer using TeamViewer or VNC and work with you on this almost any time today, if you are interested.


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