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Pixie 4 not responding


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I purchased 2 pixie 4s last year and hadn't used them.  When I went to add them to my show, the red light remains on and the hardware utility finds both of them.  No numbers are on and I've tried several combinations of light strings.  Neither controller will work and they do not respond when the white button is pushed.  This is my 10 pixie controller and I've never had issues with them before.  Any ideas of what to check next?  Since the lights don't react to the white button, I assume that means there is an issue with the circuit boards?  Seems odd that both would be defective.  Thanks

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What is No Numbers are ON?

With 8 others, I think you are familiar with Pixies.

The No test pattern bothers me: Jumpers (and Gen2 switches) correct?  Fuses good (Gen2)?

Q are all yours Gen 1 Pixie 4's?

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Do you have the correct volt pixels and ensure they are smart pixels? I havd a lot of all pixie controllers. I have helped a lot of people and I usually see this type of behavior when the incorrect voltage pixels are used. I would highly doubt you have two bad pixie 4's.

You could also have a bad triac but with two out Id find that extremely rare being new.

Even when a 5v pixel is connected to a 12 volt powered pixie there would be no light.

Also did you mess with the logical resolution in the config tab?



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