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Warm white vs bright white


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I am doing White Christmas, by Bing Crosby. Nothing dramatic, just twinkling the lights. I want the light to be warm  white for this particular sequence, not all of them.

Where do I change those settings? Can I?

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If this is using RGB devices, you can sequence them any color that you want.  For the most part, to get a warm white, reduce blue (likely quite a bit), reduce green a little, and increase red.  You will have to play with the levels to get something you like.  Best way to do that is take a computer hooked up to the show network out to the yard so you can see the actual lights in the locations where they are mounted and play with levels in the Hardware Utility until you get the desired colors.

If this is on traditional light strings, the color is determined by the bulbs - you can't change it.


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