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Old show with 12 CCR tree works but new show only rgb work and not reg network lights


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My old show included 2 networks one for regular LOR controller boxes and high speed network for my 12 ccr tree. I can place my old show sd card in and the show works fine (minus the new pixie tree since not sequenced in).

When I create a new show on a new sd card with updated sequences, the pixie tree and 12 ccr tree works (high speed network) but now none of the regular network lights come on.

I have pro license, G3-Mp3 director, 5 older 1602 controllers (reg network);  12 ccr tree, a pixie2D -(one of my old ccr strings broke), and a pixie 8 tree on highspeed network AUX A). This is daisy chain order.

Also, do I need to use a high speed sd card? my old show is on a SDHS card but I didn't have an extra one for the new show so was trying a regular SD card with two songs to test and it seems to work fine right now (minus the regular network lights not playing) but have 14 total songs.


Any insight?






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I ran the Verifier - it is saying i have a #3 Error and that Lightorama isn't fully installed on my computer. Not sure why. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall if I could potentially lose anything.

Do I wait for morning and start a ticket with LOR directly?


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Uninstall and reinstall is usually quick and painless.....but you should always have a backup of all the files and folders in your LOR user folder.

I notice your profile says v5.1. There have been a lot of improvements and fixes since then, well over a year ago.

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Thanks Phil.  I went ahead and backed up my files, uninstalled and reinstalled LOR and I no longer get the warning #3 error.

I am still getting warning 28 on a song so trying to figure that out. But it still seems strange that only ccr, pixie 2 and pixie 8 lights come on when I create a new show but not my old controllers. Those controllers are all at the end of my daisy chain.

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At the end of your daisy chain? The older controllers need to be on a totally separate network. You should be running two networks on two separate sets of cat5.

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Are you using the Hub to record your shows on to the SD Card?

I have a similar network configuration where the Regular network controls a number of older controllers and the AUX A controls pixel devices.  I had problems where the devices on the Regular network did not work.  What I found was when the Hub goes to record your show to the card, by default it puts a check mark in the box "Output LOR Enhanced channels as well as LOR normal (if available)".  For my Regular Network I deselected that option, created the card and the devices work properly.

From the Hub (Assuming old devices are no Regular Network and High Speed devices on AUX A)
- Edit the files that will make up the show

- Click on the Create/Update SD Card - Advanced

- Click your way through the screens with the Next >> button till you get to Step 6 where you select the options for your network.  For your REGULAR LOR network remove the check mark next to "Output LOR Enhanced channels as well as LOR normal (if available)"

- Make sure the setting for the AUX A network are valid for your high speed network

- Create SD Card


Your mileage may vary.

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Thank you all for your help. Once I reinstalled LOR, I then did go through the steps of creating a new show on HUB, and selected the advanced for create/update sd card. For some reason, this time it worked.  Maybe last time I selected LOR/ELOR instead of regular LOR for my first network. I thought I had done it correctly multiple times but just glad it finally worked.

I did finally get the show to work on all controllers.


Thanks again, 



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