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Setting up Tree/Matrix with Folds


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I’m running S4 and using pixel editor to set up a small tree. 

4 strings of 160 pixels

8 legs using “fold” Option(80 pixels each leg)

I have tried vertical matrix, 180 tree, lines unconnected, lines connected, and changing the starting position on each. I’ve tried making a “group” prop using the single legs together, and even with the prop option as a  matrix/tree, but get the same result. In my visualizer it looks fine, when I do a “bars” effect it’s fine, but when I do anything like spiral or an effect where each line is different, the visualization looks good, but prop looks all jacked up.  I was out till 3am trying to fix this. No luck.  Any ideas how I can get this fixed so when it plays it looks accurate.  Thanks!

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