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I have a number of sequences that I created with s4, where instead of doing RGB 'effects' or superstar effects, I manipulated the pixels individually. This took forever, of course, but it was some good stuff. Now, I am trying to update these sequences for use in s5 and on top of that my network has changed as well. I now have a traditional network and a high speed network for RGB devices. I realize that updating these sequences from s4 to s5 is going to require a bit of time and patience, but there's one thing I can't figure out just to get started. How do you display 'all the pixels' on an RGB channel in s5? I can't copy and past the archived channels from the s4 sequences because there is nothing to paste them into...

For example I have 1 RGB string, 50 pixels. In s4 I would have had a collapsed row that had all the pixels in it, when I expanded that I would get all the pixels for that string. I can't figure out how to replicate this behavior in s5, all I can get is an effects row.


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