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  1. Right click and enable channel level for rgb props. Right click again and add motion rows, as many as you need.
  2. Your tracks should import as grid view groups. Grid view groups are not saved with the Preview. You need to export your Grid View and import it into future sequences. Sequence/Grid Config/ Export
  3. You are in the system generated Show All Grid View. This has limited customizability You can make your own custom grid views which you can organize just how you want it. Click on the odd looking arrow to the right of the Show All box for options. Once you get a custom grid view how you like it, you can export it and import it into other sequences or a new one. Similar to configs in S4.
  4. S5 has many effects in the Motion Effects editor. You will however need at least several thousand pixels to do that kind of effect on your house.
  5. The 50W floods have their own controller built in. They connect with a cat5 just like any LOR controller. Each one will use one unit ID. The cmb24 is not required. It is used for the 10W floods and can run eight of them. The basic license only supports 2 unit id's so you will need an upgrade after you buy the 50W floods and 2nd controller. Since it sounds like you have S4, your profile doesn't say, you can view your show, or the sequence editor in the Visualizer. Draw your layout on a picture of your house and add the light strings.
  6. Many use the Cable Guard CG 1500 Cable Demarcation Boxes, readily available online.
  7. Everything revolves around your preview. It does the job of the config file and Visualizer in S3 and S4. You will add all your props and devices there. You will use it for all your sequences. There is a post earlier today, just above which has a link to some good practices with the preview. Feel free to ask if you need more
  8. Tracks are now Grid View Groups All my tracks imported with my S4 sequences.
  9. I used to watch the visualizer all the time in S4. Works wonderfully well. You can even watch it over a network if you want.
  10. Pretty much what it says. If the listener is running, then Control Panel is running, the Sequencer will enable Control Lights, and take the com port. You will get a pop up confirmation at startup.
  11. Not in S5. Similar question to the previous post, and the same answer. Preview only works with the Sequencer, not the show player.
  12. JR is unfortunately correct. That is a feature that several of us miss in S5.
  13. Just to be clear though, the Easy Light Linkers are not fast enough for pixels.
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