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  1. Moving the antenna closer to the street should help, but you will probably need to cable it properly with shielded cable. By the time you finish messing about you probably might as well buy one of the ones listed above.
  2. The difference between Pixel Editor and the S5 Sequencer is night and day. Everything in one place. Much easier, better and more control of Motion Effects. Everything is now integrated into the Sequencer. I never could get along with PE but S5 is fine. I would not want to go back to S4, even if I could. The drawbacks are a completely new method of configuration to learn and a more complex file system. It just takes a little time to get the hang of it.
  3. Just to underline what Mr P said. I started S5 in Feb of 2019 and it still makes me go hmmmm. Once you get it, it's great, but one month from show open is not the time
  4. Alternately, if you insert the exact number of blank rows you need for Garage Door between roof and star and apply the import, you wont have to copy and paste anything.
  5. Firstly you can import into an existing sequence providing the new stuff is at the bottom. Or, as in C7s post you are familiar with the way it works. The simplest way is outlined below. Open the sequence you want to add to. Add your channels or device at the very bottom of all existing channels. Export your config and save the sequence. Open your second sequence. Import your new config. It will now be the same layout as seq 1. Repeat for the rest of your seqs. This all assumes that all the sequences are the same to start with if the row order is di
  6. Quick Movie. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6e6wy55polwyff/paste special movie.mpg?dl=0
  7. ALWAYS, add the new device or channels to the bottom of the sequence. Export the configuration. Then the import into subsequent sequences will not be messed up.
  8. I just tried the same kind of thing and it took forever to paste. In fact I shut down the program after 3 or 4 minutes. I did the same thing with a chase and it was instant. So after experimenting a bit, the paste is a lot faster if you say Paste Special and specify, say 100 times, rather than past to the end. May be a bug in that. Perhaps Matt would take a look. @MattBrown
  9. Because they have an ethernet switch on the board.
  10. The loredit file is the primary file used to create the show in S5. The show player plays the hidden lcs and play.lms files. ALL the playback files are created in the lorinternal folder. However legacy .lms files can be used in the show editor. You should NOT export to lms. Pointless.
  11. The export to LMS is for folks going back to S4. IT does NOT capture motion effects. Again, the delay is ONLY on the first pass and can be eliminated entirely by either running the show one time before showtime, or as is recommended in the help file, by using the Sequence Compressor.
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