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  1. The shared favorites show up in the Motion Effects editor favorites window in the lower center of the ME. They are not in your LOR folders.
  2. You need 5.6 to get the new motion effects. Your profile says 5.2.
  3. Depending upon when you last upgraded to S4 Pro, you might have to purchase a renewal to get S5. I think it's about 30 bucks. You can check your license status here. Hopefully you are good to go. http://www1.lightorama.com/software-license-retrieval/ You would still be able to run S5 in demo mode until you did the renewal.
  4. I have soldered a lot of ribbons together in the past, using pixel nodes now since 2012. The main considerations are not to use too much wire to avoid voltage drop and not to use too many pixels. your case of two sets of 50 and a few feet of wire should be OK assuming 12V. You will also need to waterproof the connection to the strips. I also suggest hot glue or adhesive to secure the connection for strain relief. They are relatively fragile. I would skip the dangle and just use wire. Soldering strips is tricky but doable. Solder alternate wires to opposite sides of the strip to give yours
  5. I would reset the board to defaults, which if I recall is, then change the ip of the computer to the same .1 subnet and connect it directly to the ethernet port of the pc.. Narrow things down a bit and go from there. Right now you have too many moving parts.
  6. I don't see a video, JR, There should be a file, LOR 5.6.0 Motion Effects.loredit in the Sequences\Samples folder. Open it and let it create its own Preview and play ii. The audio is included. You can open the effects in ME and save them as a favorite if you want.
  7. Check your license. You may already be eligible. I was.
  8. If the Control Panel is set to launch at startup and there is a show scheduled and enable shows is selected, it will just run. Furthermore if you set the option in the BIOS to restart after a power loss the PC will boot as soon as the power is applied and the software will load and run. You may have to remove the Windows login password though. No need to mess with show on demand.
  9. Playing around with the audio effect in 5.6. We finally have a good spectrum EQ effect. I just threw one into a sequence and it looks really good and I haven't even tried to tweak it yet. Goodbye VU wizard. Thanks to everyone at LOR for the upgrades, Going exploring now.
  10. Since you have to select a location with the mouse, you might as well just right click.
  11. I personally suggest you dump that junk antivirus and use Windows Defender. All you need and wont kill your machine.
  12. I'd vote for Audacity. Seems to be as good as or better than most. A lot of the filters and effects come in handy from time to time too.
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