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  1. I have never purchased a song so I will have to defer to those that have. I do not, however know why you would need to use the best wizard for a pre built song. Surely it has timings already.
  2. Click on the timing dropdown top right and choose add freeform timing grid, then select it.
  3. Copy the entire LOR folder to the new computer with the install of the same version in the same location. The data folder has several folders needed besides sequences and audio. The folder needs to be in the same place on both machines and LOR needs to be set to use if you don't use the defaults. The preview and net prefs should come along, but check you have them correct. If the audio is out of sync, as JR said, it is more likely you have the wrong file somewhere. If you have been trying this piecemeal, you might want to clean up the files on the show machine before doing this.
  4. You can apply fades and intensity changes to motion rows too.
  5. I always use at least two rows for each item so I can crossfade between them or layer them if I want to. Think video editing . There is a drag edges tool approximately in the middle of the toolbar, looks like two tiny red arrows. Turn it on and you can drag or make a fade depending on where you grab it with the mouse. It's tricky to grab until you get used to it You can always copy and paste cells to increase the length or delete extra length. To apply a motion effect to a specific length, select that area and right click on add motion effect. Just a few ideas.
  6. Haven't we done this already?
  7. I just mix my own in the rgb channel and those use percentages. There is also a presets button in the toolbar next to the intensity dialog where you can save your favorites. After 10 yrs I pretty much know what to expect. I rarely use the color tool except in motion effects and as you say a good orange is brown or red. I also have pixels and floods hooked up most of the time for verification.
  8. Checked again to be sure. Control Lights OFF Reg NW enabled No LOR lights, No E1.31 Lights. Control Lights ON again NP STILL enabled. All lights on. Control Lights OFF. Reg NW set to com None. No Lights. Control Lights OFF Reg Network Enabled Com3 Sequence restart. No Lights. Control Lights On Reg Network Enabled Back To Square one. Lights Play
  9. Show Player. Control lights off, No E1.31 No LOR Show Player LOR Reg nw Disabled in NP. No LOR playing. E1.31 playing, DMX head Aux A playing. Sequencer. Control Lights ON. NP LOR disabled. No LOR playing No E1.31 playing Sequencer Control Lights Off. LOR enabled in NP. No lights LOR No lights E1.31 Sequencer Control Lights On. LOR enabled in NP. Had to restart Sequencer To get lights back. This Is on actual lights. Low speed LOR adaptors. Preview works in all cases. Ran Show player again after above . All working. Forgot to add. LOR is DC card. E1.31 is Sandevices, (2) and Falcon (1)
  10. As I write this, the show player is playing my inside show. Miip test. Includes 3 E1.31 controllers and two lor DC controllers. Low speed plus one more black adaptor running DMX heads and laser. Haven't run the Sequencer today, but did yesterday, all fine. 5.6.6
  11. Toys, Yes, Expensive, No Those lights are not cheap. they are at least 250W incandescent and cost probably a grand or possibly much more. The outdoor weatherproof domes alone are $500 each. You will not see beams from the $100 dollar 80W LED heads, except on a foggy night and they are not waterproof. Mine are mounted under my eaves to keep them out of the worst of the weather, so no sky pointing for me. Not much point anyway. If you want to get depressed, Google 250W Moving Head Light
  12. https://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/MovingHeadLights-S5.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3y0ZOWHR5weLhFrThKrhxEUtnipZlnVmdDbuid-HEDTxdgMRc_VXXmCK8 Pm me your Email and I will dig something out for you.
  13. When you open another sequence if it uses the same preview it will be applied. If it is a different preview you will need to assign it in Manage Previews. If you want to duplicate grid views you will need to create a custom grid with the props laid out as you like them. Then Export grid view in the Sequence menu. When you open a new sequence, import it back in. Any time you make a change to your grid, export it again and apply it to the other sequences The show all group is a system generated view with limited customizability. You can sort and reorder but to really get control of your layout you need custom grid views.
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