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N4-G4-MP# Director not playing SD card


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I have a N4-G4-MP3 Director v6.5 that I purchased last year that I m trying to get to work.  I want to run 3ea CCC-II Pixel Bulbs controllers.  I have created a sequence using S5 Pro with Superstar consisting of mostly motion effects.  I can run the show perfectly when using my computer but when I create a show using HUB and plug the SD card (Kingston 16gb)into the director I get nothing.  The diplay says INIT then 1-01 which should be SHOW 1 Sequence 1.  My other settings are "play when powered on" and "Continuous Loop."   Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?   

I also thought the CCC-II (12 Volt version) would power the Director but could not get that work, I had to use a power adaptor for the director?  Is that normal?



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Got it working thanks to Lightorama help desk.  Turned out to be setting the HUB network to the same speed and Enhanced mode to run the pixels.  

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