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Pixie II Setup Problem/Questions

Kyle Whitaker

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A couple of years ago I added my first Pixie II running LOR bullet pixels.  I recall struggling to set them up so that they worked and I don't recall exactly how I managed to get them working.  I can tell that they are setup in S5 using Unit 20 for 1 side of the controller and 21 for the other side (22 and 23 for the other controller).  When setting up my new Pixie II controllers with ribbons to replace my old CCR ribbons I am having trouble getting them setup and working so that they work as LOR describes "Appears as 2 originall CCRs to the software. Existing CCR sequences can be used."  I added them to S5 with Unit ID 50 and 51 for one of the Pixie II controllers just like the other Pixie II controllers that I had setup.  When I use the HU to assign the ID I can only seem to set the unit to 50 and then when I try to run the lights out of S5 nothing happens.  Anyone have any thoughts? Also in the HU under Cosmic Color/Pixie Config there is a Pixel Type which is currently set to WS2811 but I don't know if that is correct or what any of the other Pixel Types mean.

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