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CCB repair


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Had a bad bulb on a cosmic color bulb strand. Took two bulbs out and repaired it and the power and colors work perfectly.

However, going through testing, I had bulbs going out of order, starting at bulb 15 or so and randomly after that two bulbs going at a time after in order. Do I need to reprogram the pixel numbers somehow? Works if I had the string as a “dumb” rgb string, not quite the smartest! 

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Smart Pix are Bucket brigade so no re-programming needed

The controller sends a packet of commands.  each node peels theirs off the top and forwards the rest as a packet. Each node does this.

Check POWER (corroded contacts, voltage now off (low  The further along the string, the more total voltage drop affects things. FWIW I like to set my PSU a bit (1/2 the device tolerance) on the High side. )


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