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Would it be possible to be able to add the ability to add colors to the channel buttons? Especially in ME rows.

While not using special effects it would be great to be able to see the color wash color on a set row. For instance while manually sequencing with the ME row and using a color for the entire channel. Currently the only ways to view the color is memory and preview. But when sequencing within the ME rows its takes minutes for the rendering to stop even if I make a correction of .05 in one grid. That was after reducing the size of the custom prop to the smallest grid in the custom node placement screen.

Not sure if it could be done or how difficult but it would also be great while sequencing the faces for LOR Singing Quartet.


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Another request would be when using text in ME rows, going back to modify the text at another time and you don't remember which font you used, it would be nice to see which font was used for that particular text.

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