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  1. Fonts in the "Bahnschrift" family are good, as this font was originally designed for signage (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_1451).
  2. The performance of Paste Special with Repeat Horizontally set to "All the way to the end of the sequence" will be much improved in the next release. Matt
  3. It can be a little confusing in SE. There are actually 2 scrollbars on the right-hand side. You need to scroll *both* scrollbars down as far as they will go. Then you should see the intensity section at the very bottom, which you can then expand, as if it were a channel group. Matt
  4. Thanks for the video. Your example is slow only when using freeform timing grids. Fixed timing grids are fast. We will see if we can make it faster when using freeform grids. Matt
  5. Sorry, I tried to replicate this several different ways, and the paste was always instantaneous. Could you please provide the exact steps that cause the issue? Thanks, Matt
  6. Only 2 reasons for the Export to LMS function: 1) you are giving up on S5 and going back to S4 (but please don't give up!) 2) you are a seller/sharer of sequences and your sequences don't use motion effects. You can use this function to create sequences that can be read by S3, S4, and S5 users. As @PhilMassey said, don't use it for playback. Contrary to rumor, your show may actually play SLOWER, especially if you are using enhanced networks or DMX. Matt
  7. @c7williams Thanks for helping this user and passing along the information. However, I would need a copy of the sequence file and the information shown in Sequencer's Help > About dialog (in case it is driver-related). If anyone else experiences this issue, please send me a PM or create a ticket with the help desk and include the requested information. Thanks! Matt
  8. No import required. SE will see the new intensity files automatically. When it does, you will see a new section at the very bottom of your SE sequence. See this help file page for more information: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.4.4/help/intensity_file_section.htm Matt
  9. You are correct, shimmer should be displayed with hashed lines. Is this repeatable? Can you close the sequence and reopen it and it still displays in the grid has solid but the tooltip says shimmer? If so, I would like a copy of the sequence to investigate further. Thanks for raising the issue. Matt
  10. When you say copy and pasting, could you provide some more detail? Are you copy/pasting in the sequence grid (or the new copy/paste buttons on the Motion Effect Generator Window? Are you copy/pasting motion effects, channel effects, color fades, or ?? How many rows are you copying at a time? Are you using the regular paste or paste special? These details are important to ensure we get this fixed the first time. Thanks! Matt
  11. Open the sequence in the Sequence Editor, then select Edit > Media File from the menu. Now re-open the sequence in the Pixel Editor. Matt
  12. Thanks for the specific steps. I can duplicate this. Matt
  13. A change to the preview will automatically be picked at show time. This may result in a delay before the first time each sequence plays. You can avoid the delay by opening your show file in the Sequence Compressor and do the processing ahead of time. Matt
  14. The "Find/Configure Pixcon16" button is only for Light-O-Rama PixCon16 controllers. It is not needed when using the Holiday Coro controller. Go to the Holiday Coro web site to find instructions for configuring their controllers. The DMX universe numbers you configure on their controller must match the DMX universes you configure in Network Preferences. Configuring the IP address of the controller and leaving the default port is generally the right idea. If you are using E1.31 only, then yes, you will want to disable any comm ports configured on the LOR tab in Network Preferences. Mat
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