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Cosmic Ribbons not working on DMX

Mike H

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I'm using Cosmic Ribbons (the original ones in the silver boxes) on my DMX network.  One is set to ID 02 and the other is set to ID 0C so they are not overlapping and there is sufficient DMX channels between them.  But for some reason they are not working in DMX mode.  They work fine when connected to the LOR Hardware Utility.  They work fine doing the power up Reset to go through color changing patterns until I release the reset button.  ID 01 is a normal 16 channel AC controller on that DMX network which works fine and the Cosmic Ribbons are daisy chained from that controller (and I've tired it direct to the Cosmic Ribbons which still don't work).  I have two other Cosmic ribbon controllers that if I hook them up to the same network and set their ID's to the same ID's they work fine.  I've gone though and made sure all their firmwares are updated to 1.19.  But I just can't get these two to work under the DMX mode which they need to do because of the controller they are running from on that network.  I didn't use these two controllers last year but they worked fine for about 3 years previous to last year on this same DMX network.

Has anyone else every had a problem with a controller that is fine under the LOR protocol but doesn't work under DMX?

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