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Pixie 16 Vs pixcon 16

Candy Cane Lane

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hey all



I am currently ordering some more gear for my display.   I am going to add a 24x50 matrix.   I am also going to add more pixels for the house.  32 - 50 count strands of the bulb RGB.    Can a pixie 16 run 32 strands of 50 count??   Or do I need to go to the pixcon 16.


Also going to make 8 arches so going to go with the ribbon and a pixie 8.    

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The Pixcon16 is a powerful device. I have two of them and frankly, I need two more. You can't go wrong with the Pixcon16. I've been able to run cables from it out to 30-40 feet without issue whereas other controllers(different manufacturers) that I have, I'm limited to 5-7 feet. Each of the different kind of controllers have their pros and cons. I don't currently own a Pixie controller so I cannot speak for those.

     One of my suggestions to LOR was to find a way to allow the Pixcon16 to have different configurations, therefore setting it up for Halloween then switching to a Christmas configuration. Currently it has to be done manually but they liked the idea so we may see that capability in the future. I do use one of my pixcon16's for Halloween a 24x50 matrix but the portions I'm not using, I configured for Christmas(RGB Spiral trees). It works nicely.

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