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16x25 pixel tree with LOR Pixie8 and WS2811


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I am building a 16x25 Pixel tree using a Pixie8 and 8x50 pixels (ws2811) 12v strings.

What can i do with the Basic software and why do i have to get the Pro Software?



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The Pixie8 requires the use of eight unit ID's and the Basic software doesn't allow that many. Also the Pro software enable ELOR which the Pixie controllers require to operate pixels properly due to the high channel count.

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If all you had was a Pixie8, you might get by without ELOR if  you keep it simple. (you still need at least 8 more ID's for that Pixie8from what you have for other controllers)


Pixel Mega-trees end up with Graphics

Bite the bullet and just go for Pro 😛

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